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Our Mission Statement is "Education for deprived community for acquisition of knowledge towards self-reliance.""


To lit the fire inside the students to fight against the evil things in the society through education as well as extension activities.
To promote the real participation of the students in the decision making,mobilization and implementation process in every sphere of life.
To impart qualitative and valuable services in the field of education to the students of Amravati Corporation as well as its nearby rural areas
To motivate and encourage the students to face the challenges and cope up with the changing society of the world.
To wash away the socio-cultural and structural disabilities that threaten the developement of rural women through extension services rendered by staff and students.
To train the rural poor women by providing them suitable avenues of income generation recording to their skills and local conditions.
To accelerate the pace of personality developement amongst the students through extra-curricular activities.
To provide platform of sports and various cultural activities to utilize the utmost potential of the students.
To create awareness amongst the students about the need of the environmental protection,sanitation,health and hygiene.


Teaching Faculties (Senior College)
    Name Qualification Designation Subject
1 Dr. Mrs. S.S. Deshmukh M.Sc., Ph.D. Principal Micro Biology
2. Dr. A.S. Deshmukh M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor Chemistry
3. Dr. M.S. Deshmukh M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil Ph.D. Asso. Prof. Chemistry
4. Mrs. L.S. Tapase M.Sc.(Home Sci. ) M.Phil. Asso. Prof. Human Developement
5. Dr. C.N. Vidhale M.Sc.(Home Sci. ) M.Phil., Ph.D. Asso. Prof. Home Sci. & Extension
6. Mrs. C.B. Lunge M.Sc.(Home Sci.), B.Ed., M.Phil, Asso. Prof. Resource Management
7. Mr. S.D. Dube M.Com., M.Com. (Co-op), B.Ed. Asso. Prof. Co-operation
8. Mrs. V.S. Shinde M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. Asso. Prof. Political Sci.
9. Mr. V.R. Thakare M.P.Ed. (Short N.I.S. Kabbadi) Director of Phy.Edn. Physical Edu.
10. Dr.S.R.Gudadhe M.S.W.,M.A. Ph.D. Asso. Prof. Sociology
11. Dr. S.R Kubde M.Sc.(Home Sci.), B.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. Asso. Prof. Food & Nutrition
12. Dr. S.B. Watane M.A., Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Hindi
13. Mr. M.P. Deshmukh M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil Librarian Library Sci.
14. Dr. R.S. Kawale MSW, M.A., M.Phil Ph.D.,NET, SET Asso. Prof. Community Developement & Extension
15. Mr. J.D. Sangode M.A., SET Asst. Prof. Economics
16. Dr. M.M. Nandurkar M.A. (Marathi), Ph.D. , M.A. (Sociology)
M.A.( Sanskrit) D.J.
Asst. Prof. Marathi
17. Dr. S.D. Thakare M.A.; B.Ed.; M.Phil; Ph.D. Asst. Prof. English
18. Mrs. A.P. Harne M.Sc.(Home Sci.), M.Phil, M.A. (Home-eco) B.Ed. Asst. Prof. Textile
19. Mrs. S.S. Mohod M.Sc.(Home Sci.) M.Phil, Asso. Prof. Textile
20. Dr. D.R. Bambole Msc phd Asso. Prof. Physics
21. Dr. K.E. Chaudhary Msc Phd Asso. Prof. Biology
22. Ku. P.B. Bhamburkar MA. SET Asso. Prof. Home Economics
Non-Teaching Staff
  1. Vacant     Superintendent
2. Mr. P.R. Bhande     Head. Clerk
3. Mr. P.N. Bhagavatkar     Senior Clerk
4. Mr. K.N. Raut     Junior Clerk
5. Mr.A.D.Puri     Junior Clerk
6. Mr. S.M. Markam     Library Attendent
7. Mrs. S.R. Ingle     Peon
8. Mr. S.A Tupe     Peon
Teaching Faculties (Junior College)
1. Mr. A. M. Mangale M.Com, B.Ed., M.Phil Supervisor Commerce
2. Dr. M.M.Dhakulkar M.Com.. B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. Teacher Commerce
3. Mr. R.P. Wade M.A.(Mar), B.Ed. Teacher Marathi
4. Mrs. K.V.Raut M.A. (Home.Eco.)B.Ed.     Teacher Food &Nutrition
5. Ms. S.P.Kadu M.A.(Eng.)B.Ed. Teacher English
6. Dr. A. R.Warhade M.Sc. (Chem), B.Ed, Ph.D Teacher Chemistry
7. Ms. M.G.Mhaski M.A. (Music) M.A. (Mar), B.Ed. Teacher Music
8. Mr. B.K. Jaybhaye M.A.(Pol.), B.Ed. Teacher Political Sci.
9. Ku. M.U. Patil M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed. Teacher Zoology
10. Mr.S.P.Giri M.A.(English)B.Ed. Teacher English
11. Mr.G.B.Chawhan M.Sc.(Physics)B.Ed.Ph.D. Teacher Physics
  S.N. Name Designation
Subject Offered (Marketing and Salemanship, Medical Laboratory Technician, Hotel Management, General Foundation.)
  S.N. Name Qualification Designation Subject
1. Ms. G.K.Nirwan B.Sc., D.M.L.T Instructor Medical Lab. Technician
2. Ms. R.R.Ingole M.Sc.(HSC), B.Ed. Teacher Cookery
3. Ms. V.P.Timane B.Sc.,M.A.(HEC), M.Ed. Instructor Cookery
4. Mr. S.R. Mahore M.Com, B.Ed. Teacher Marketing & Salesmanship
5. Mr.P.V.Gulalkari M.Com., M.Com. (Ass. Mkt.Mgt Instructor


6. Mr.P.S.Gedam M.A.(Eng),B.Ed., B.P.Ed Teacher            English
7. Ms. S.M.Akhare M.A.(Mar),B.Ed Teacher            Marathi
1. Mrs. K. R. Sabale Junior Clerk
2. Mr. P.B.Akarte Peon
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