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About College

Matoshree Vimalabai Deshmukh Mahavidyalaya ,Amravati
Matoshree Vimalabai Deshmukh Mahavidyalaya, is one of the oldest colleges in Amravati region. It is run by Shri Shivaji Education Soceity, Amravati's the biggest education society in Maharashtra and affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University . The college is established in the year 1956 with the recommendation of Radhakrishnan Commission as a Rural Institute. The main objective of Rural Institute is to break down economic and geographical barriers which prevent the rural population from taking full advantage of higher education and to help in bridging the gulf which unfortunately exists in our country between culture and work, between humanities and technology and between the practical and the ideal. However, in 1971 the nomenclature of the college is changed as College of Rural Services which is further changed in 1998 as Matoshree Vimalabai Deshmukh Mahavidyalaya.