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Cultural Activities

About Cultural Activities

The College provides ample opportunities for participating in cultural activities. The principal appoints a professor-in-charge for cultural activities in each session. The students take part in various cultural activities. Whenever cultural programmes are organized, musical instruments and artists – trainers are invited to come to the college. Cultural resources are available for the cultural programmes of the college.

• Music, Arts and Culture Club

President : Dr. Smita R. Deshmukh, Principal
Convener :- Smt. S. S. Mohod
Members:- Dr. M. M. Nandurkar
Members:- Prof. Ku. P. B. Bhamburkar,
Members:- Prof. J. D. Sangode,
Members:- Prof . V. R. Thakare,
Members:- Prof.Ku. R. A. Thakare ,
Members:- Prof.Ku. Mayura Farkade ,
Members:- Prof.Ku. Rashmi Kale