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Home Science
The unique feature of Home Science is that it is inter disciplinary courses.
Home Science Extension : Communication and Extension.
Home Science Extension is a Science which deals with the creation. Transmission and application of knowledge. It deals with extending the knowledge to the community through upgrading or innovations from time to time. The students focus on media studies, community health, nutrition education, non formal educational.
Education, diffusion of innovation and programme building, students develop and conceptualize various communication methods & materials for formal & informal education setups. Extension education has incorporated with in its horizons the subjects of communication, journalism, social work, rural, urban & tribal sociology, government and non-government organisations & programmes.
Human Development
Pre School education and management, Family Dynamics & Counselling
Human development and family studies is an inter disciplinary field which focus on the development of individuals across life span in the context of family and society. To make students aware of development psychology infancy and crèche management. Development during childhood, changes and problems of adolescents. Importance of family and marriage and problem of old age, concept of stress, mental health, counseling & psychological testing.
            Department organizes visits to various organizations like Tapovan, Mantally retarded children school, Nursery school, Day call centers. Deaf and Dumb, Blind Children School to study their method of teaching and learning. Visite to Home for aged is organized to study their life style and problems. Organisation of work shops on candle making, wax articles making, wax article flower making is the routine activity of the department.
Food and Nutrition
Family and community nutrition, Diet theropy.
            Food and nutrition have a key role in all the aspects health promotive, preventive and curative. Students understanding the composition and chemistry of foods. Digestion and metabolism of food, quality of food, role of micronutrients, principals and application of hygiene in food process.
            Recipe, essay competition, are organized. Brest feeding and nutrition week are celebrated. On this occasion Nutrition Queen contest and guest lectures are also organized. Educational visit to villages. And primary school to study nutritional status.
Textile & Clothing 
Textile designing, Printing technology, Advance pattern marketing, Fashion designing.
The field of Textile and Clothing is vast and diversified offering opportunities for variety of careers. Garment industry is posed for a multipronged growth interms of dress designing, co-ordinating, garment making. Sales-promotion and marchandandixine. Garment industry is one of the flourishing industries giving employment to large number of skilled workers and play a vital role in economics scenario of country.
Educational visits to entreprenural units are organized. Department organizes workshops on Fabric art, smoking, Bandhari, printing, jardozee and ary work, artifical flower making.
Resource Management :
Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Housing, Home furnishing and Resource management.

Resource management means to marriage in the best format with the given available resources. It includes all the aspects within the home, family and community. Whether it is food, financial, clothing etc. The scope also widens and career to management in hotels, hospitals, organizations. Management of resources like time, money and energy and to leam decision making and work simplification in house and in day to day life experience.

Visits to newly constructed houses, khandigramodyog, District consumer forum, Cooperative stores and various shops are organized. To study their functionality workshops on flower arrangement, cushion making, mushroom cultivation and inter-collegiate flower arrangement competition are organizes.
Food Chemistry
Study of composition, properties and function in body of Human of carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Role of Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres and water. Other Components in food i.e. Oxylate, Phytates, Enzymes, Trypsin Inhibitors.
Textile Chemistry
Study of Textile Chemistry, Dying Methods, Loundry agents, Fibres, Printing styles & methods, Hardness of water, Detergents, Stain removers, styles and dyeing techniques.
Ecology & Environment, Health, Hygiene and Microbiology
Study of anatomy and physiology of human body. To create awareness about plants, animals, wild life and non living thing all around in the nature. To make of personal hygiene and various diseases
Computer Application in Home Science
To know the working and maintainance of household equipment and basic knowledge about computers and it’s application.
Nutritional Biochemistry

Study of chemistry inside the body, body systems, metabolim of food and inter relationship of Nutrition & Biochemistry.




Marathi is the regional language and is the medium of communication.




Hindi is the national language and is the medium of communication




English is an international Language and it is the medium of higher education, Ganeral knowledge competition based on language was organized along-with regular teaching the students are guided regarding communication skilled in English
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