0721 - 2560133   

Library Rules


1. Library functions on an open access system for faculty members and UG students have limited access only.
2. The book limit for U.G Students is 1 book at a time for 07days.
3. If a student wishes to retain any book for more than the specified period, it may be reissued to him/her, if others do not need it.
4. Students failing to return books in time will be charged Rs 1/-per day perbook as late fee. Absence from the college on any ground will not be accepted as a reason for delay in returning books.
5. If a student loses a book, the book should be either replaced or he/she should pay the amount if the book is not available or out of print.
6. Reference Books/Reference Copy will not be issued.
7. Journal/Periodical will not be issued.