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Physical Eduacation & Sports

• Aims and objectives of sports department :

          Professor Vilas R. Thakare is working as Director of Physical Education and sports from 1993. Sports facilities are available in the college from 1956. Various sports facilities are available for the students of the college. Our mother institute Shri Shivaji Physical Education college run by our Society, provide the required sports facilities like swimming tank, Judo, Boxing, and athletic facilities.

The department of sports has done the MoU with Shri Shivaji Physical Education college on 28/10/2021 for benefit of extra facilities.

The main objectives of physical education are :
1)To develop motor abilities like strength, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance, as they are important aspects for good performance in different games and sports.
The motor development objective is concerned with making physical movement useful and with as little expenditure of energy as possible and being proficient, graceful, and aesthetic in this movement.
2) To develop techniques and tactics involved in organised physical activities, games and sports.
3) To acquire knowledge about human body as its functioning is influenced by physical activities.
4) To understand the process of growth and development as participation in physical activities has positive relationship with it.
5) To develop socio-psychological aspects like control of emotions, balanced behaviour, development of leadership and followership qualities and team spirit through participation in games and sports.
6) To develop positive health related fitness habits which can be practised lifelong so as to prevent degenerative diseases.