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Human Development

The field of Textile and Clothing is vast and diversified offering opportunities for variety of careers. Garment industry is posed for a multipronged growth interms of dress designing, co-ordinating, garment making.

Resource management means to marriage in the best format with the given available resources. It includes all the aspects within the home, family and community. Whether it is food, financial, clothing etc.

Study of composition, properties and function in body of Human of carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Role of Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres and water. Other Components in food i.e. Oxylate, Phytates, Enzymes, Trypsin Inhibitors.

Study of Textile Chemistry, Dying Methods, Loundry agents, Fibres, Printing styles & methods, Hardness of water, Detergents, Stain removers, styles and dyeing techniques.

Study of anatomy and physiology of human body. To create awareness about plants, animals, wild life and non living thing all around in the nature.....

To know the working and maintainance of household equipment and basic knowledge about computers and it’s application....

Marathi is the regional language and is the medium of communication.

English is an international Language and it is the medium of higher education, Ganeral knowledge competition based on language

Hindi is the national language and is the medium of communication